many mothers of course in their life will choose to feed their baby with breastfeeding. because the nature way while you breastfeed your baby, has a special feeling as a mother. but sometimes not all of mother can feed their baby with their breast, example this mom. Some stressed situation could stop providing of the breastmilk.

but how to choose the right teat to feed your baby with bottle? see and find the teat that has an orthodontic shape that close to mother’s breast. the shape of teat that given to your baby must prevent deformities of the teeth and palate, as well as skin, teeth and palate is important too.

not only in teat, the material of bottle was important too. polycarbonate is the most material that used by many brand. find the one that already has food grade logo, bisphenol A free guarantee and safety to sterilize in steam sterilizer or microwave.


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