sparkling while working

Usually woman on their morning start the day with bathing and they need to spend much more time for wearing cosmetics. Start with soap, body lotion or body butter, moisturizer for face skin, sometimes with foundation and compact powder. not all of woman wearing perfumes. because the scent of perfume was “scenty” for several people.

woman who work in the office will wearing different type of cosmetics than woman who just sitting in their home, same too with them who spend a lot of their time walking around as outdoor people.

sometimes when we are in work, with a very hectic job, we don’t realize that our skin needs extra energy to make them always healthy and beauty. for women who work in air conditoning room, their skins will becoming dry, but for them who always going out has a problem with oily face and pimples.
and not only for face, your body skin has the same problem too.

we need to always have a healthy beautiful skin and be sparkle everytime, but not only with the shimmering cosmetics. fruits and vegetables will help to solve this problem. Start your day to consume it.

26 thoughts on “sparkling while working

  1. watduuuuuch bingung nech artinya apa ya…mana waktu sudah mau habis lagi,gak sempat translite.hehehehehejadi mohon dimaafkan,sementara itu minta izin tukeran link,apakah anda menyetujuinya.???

    salam hangat

  2. Thanks for the skin care tricks.
    I think it is essential for men as well.. hmmm.. I am going to care my skin more seriously to attract any luck for some cute pinky hotty girls popped out of the thin air right into my arms jiehehehe..

  3. That’s the thing I dont like with woman, so many things need to be done to prepare anythings, it takes times… and its painful for me waiting….

    Because im still enjoying them even with nothing.

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