tasty condoms

One of effective contraceptive is male condoms.
Ask every male in this world, and they will agree that condoms was the most simple contraceptive for their sex life.
The still most popular type of condom was latex condom, other materials such as polyurethane and polyisoprene are not very popular.

In my life i only wear condom once with my husband. The reasons why we don’t want to use this condom continously for our contraception method was because i can not stand about the material, latex.
First, latex was smelly. Second, i got allergic reaction being use latex condom. But this is maybe not because of the latex, but the nonoxynol content of spermicidal condoms.

Some people will got allergic reaction with this chemical ingredients, and some people got too for the latex material. But in any reason, condoms still fun to use, inexpensive, and offering protection from sexual transmitted diseases.

Hm…thinking about trying the hot fit condom type. šŸ˜€


17 thoughts on “tasty condoms

  1. I have no plans to use condom with my wife. I think, maybe it is wrong, using condom make sex activity not perfect. I hope i can enjoy sex activity without it.

    Salam kenal, šŸ™‚

  2. i don’t agree with people said that condoms reduces the comfort of sex. I use condom to control birth w/ my husband, and he said there is no difference of the comfort with or without condoms.
    me and my husband agree that the safest and best contraceptive method is using condoms. no side effects for woman, of course. i refuse to use hormonal contraceptive as it will increase cancer risk, and i refuse IUD, as the success rate is only 98%, yet it has bleeding reaction in some woman. there are many suppliers offers thin condoms. just try once and see.

  3. tambahin gambarnya sekalian dong kka. jdi ga cuma ng-bayang2 doang. ntar salah bayangan kan repot šŸ˜›
    overall, bagus kok blog nya! šŸ˜€

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